What is a Rug Pad? Why use a Rug Pad?

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Most of our customers ask us this question what is a rug pad and why rug pads are so important or why do I even need to spend extra money on buying a rug pad. Our short answer is usually firm grip and stability. Top of the rug pad provides base for the rug while its bottom offers friction between the rug and the floor which prevents slip or fall. 

Natural Rubber Rug Pad:

Natural rubber non slip, low-profile rug pads work great in the areas where traffic is high. They prevent rugs to buckle, slide, slip or wrinkle.

Rubber & Felt Rug Pad: 

Rubber and felt rug pads are great for low clearance areas of the house like front door entry or hallway. These pads not only provide grip but also have cushioning properties and feels great to walk on.

Rug Pads Provide Protection:

A good rug pad also offer protection to your floor. It prevents your hardwood floor from scratches, blemishes caused by dirt accumulation or furniture movement intentionally or unintentionally. Due to the use of a rug pad a space is created between rug and floor that allows dirt or dust to be cleaned away which extend the life of both floor and rug.

That's why we support the argument that a small spending on rug pad upfront can protect much higher investment of both floor and rug in long run.

Rug Pads Reduce Noise:

Rug pads are also great for sound deadening and can reduce noise transfer between different levels of a house. Some of our rugs pads are commonly used in apartments or multi-level homes due to their noise reduction qualities.

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