Transitional Rugs

Transitional Rugs combine a traditional design with modern or contemporary style. When you first look at a transitional rug, you will first see the geometric patterns, borders or floral elements of a traditional rug and then you will also notice that the colors are fading for vintage appearance, or shapes not following a regular pattern, or a totally different irrelevant design added in neutral colors. Traditional rugs are timeless. Today we are seeing a huge demand of transitional rugs as they can be used in any room of the house and go very well with different decor and furniture styles. If your home has traditional interiors, and you want to give it a new look then a good design transitional rug will quickly update the interior and bring more energy and vibe into it.

ST04 Beige-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

ST04 Beige Rug

Regular price $89.00
JL36 Green-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL36 Green Rug

Regular price $519.00
JL53 Brown-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL53 Brown Rug

Regular price $519.00
JEL02 Brown-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JEL02 Brown Rug

Regular price $239.00
VKA01 Red-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA01 Red Rug

Regular price $119.00
VKA01 Grey-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA01 Grey Rug

Regular price $119.00
VKA01 Blue-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA01 Blue Rug

Regular price $119.00
VKA04 Ivory-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA04 Ivory Rug

Regular price $149.00
VKA03 Red-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA03 Red Rug

Regular price $149.00
VKA02 Ivory-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA02 Ivory Rug

Regular price $119.00
VKA02 Blue-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

VKA02 Blue Rug

Regular price $119.00
TWI03 Ivory-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TWI03 Ivory Rug

Regular price $269.00
TRQ03 Teal-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ03 Teal Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ04 Ivory-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ04 Ivory Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ03 Red-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ03 Red Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ02 Red-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ02 Red Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ03 Brown-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ03 Brown Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ01 Red-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ01 Red Rug

Regular price $119.00
TRQ02 Teal-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ02 Teal Rug

Regular price $119.00
TML20 Brown-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TML20 Brown Rug

Regular price $2,199.00
TRQ01 Ivory-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TRQ01 Ivory Rug

Regular price $119.00
TML20 Opal-Vintage-Area Rugs Weaver

TML20 Opal Rug

Regular price $339.00