Casual Rugs

Casual rugs are perfect choice for someone who like a bit tone down version of modern and traditional rugs. Casual rugs have simple patterns and colors. These rugs can easily blend in any décor style. They give your living room a very relaxing and laid back appeal. Due to their neutral colors they allow other pieces of furniture or decoration in the room to stand out more. If you are looking for a living room rug and don’t want to change a lot of furniture in that room then a good casual rug will easily compliment your existing décor. If your living room has hard wood floors, a casual rug with rustic colors can make it look country. Casual rugs are great choice for dining rooms and kitchen due to their ease of cleaning. A polyester made casual rug is very stain resistant, machine washable, and is thus a suitable rug choice for children’s room where there is a lot of spill activity. For hallways and entryways, when you want to create a welcoming feeling, with high traffic wear resistance, a relatively dark multi color casual rug can be a great addition to home décor, without you breaking the bank to buy it.

ADR 3729F-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 3729F Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 3809G-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 3809G Rug

Regular price $1,294.92
ADR 3836E-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 3836E Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 3840E-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 3840E Rug

Regular price $279.72
ADR 3960G-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 3960G Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4130C-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4130C Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4138A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4138A Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4142A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4142A Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4145E-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4145E Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4147A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4147A Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4174D-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4174D Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4178B-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4178B Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4193B-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4193B Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4198A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4198A Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4205C-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4205C Rug

Regular price $214.92
ADR 4205D-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4205D Rug

Regular price $279.72
ADR 4523A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4523A Rug

Regular price $279.72
ADR 4632A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4632A Rug

Regular price $279.72
ADR 4633A-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ADR 4633A Rug

Regular price $279.72
ALL 003A1-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ALL 003A1 Rug

Regular price $312.12
ALL 004B1-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ALL 004B1 Rug

Regular price $430.92