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Non Slip Rug Pad Install

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Non slip rug pads should be installed on hard surfaces like hard wood floors, concrete or tile. The main reason a rug pad is installed on these surfaces is to provide frictional grip, so a rug above does not slip and cause an injury to the person walking over. The additional benefit of using the non slip rug pad is also to provide additional comfort or better sound absorption. Some home owners may choose to install a rug pad on wall to wall carpets too, so the rug on top does not bulge up. Here are the steps to follow for a proper Mohawk rug pad install:

Step 1: Find the perfect position of the rug, where you want it to be placed, whether living room , entry door or bedroom.

Step 2: Place your rug pad under the rug on the hard surface like hardwood floor.

Step 3: Foldone end of top rug a little so the rug pad underneath is exposed.

Step 4: With scissors cut the exposed edges of the rug pad two to three inches inside the edge of the rug.

Step 5 : Repeat the proces for all sides. And then unfold the rug, so the rug pad is totally covered and no edges of the rug pad are exposed.

Enjoy walking over the rug, if the rug install instructions are properly followed then your rug pad will provide a long lasting non slip grip between the floor and rug.

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What is a Rug Pad? Why use a Rug Pad?

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Most of our customers ask us this question what is a rug pad and why rug pads are so important or why do I even need to spend extra money on buying a rug pad. Our short answer is usually firm grip and stability. Top of the rug pad provides base for the rug while its bottom offers friction between the rug and the floor which prevents slip or fall.  Natural Rubber Rug Pad: Natural rubber non slip, low-profile rug pads work great in the areas where traffic is high. They prevent rugs to buckle, slide, slip or wrinkle. Rubber...

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