Why Kitchen Rugs in Home décor?

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One of our regular customer, Sheila sent us an email the other day, and asked “if there are rugs to decorate bedrooms and living rooms, then why people shy away from kitchen rugs.” My response was they don’t shy away, a lot of our customers are buying kitchen rugs. I personally think that kitchen space should be decorated more than the living room as in most homes the kitchen is considered the “heart of the house.” It is just a misconception that rugs should not be used in kitchen, the truth is just the opposite as they add beauty to the kitchen space just like any other room. There is one more benefit of a kitchen rug that you can stand or walk more comfortably if you use a rug pad underneath the rug in your kitchen space.

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There is no doubt that buying kitchen rugs online is a good investment and if you are looking for some beautiful kitchen rugs online then www.arearugsweaver.com is the best online rug store. Here you can buy all kind of kitchen rugs at very affordable prices and with free shipping option.

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Most women interested in home decor today are searching on google for phrases like “how to decorate kitchen space with kitchen rugs or top ideas for best kitchen rugs ” so AreaRugsWeaver.com is trying to answer these searches.

You should keep two things in mind while decorating kitchen space with rugs. The first question is how reliable your kitchen rug should be and the second question to ask yourself is “which rug is best fit for your kitchen space”.

For reliability, you should consider the material of the rug as that is what makes the rug long lasting. For the right size rug you can consider a runner rug or a may be round rug under dinning table which is placed in one of your kitchen corner.

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Benefits of kitchen rugs:

No doubt, kitchen rugs have many benefits. Some of them are written below. After reading the benefits of kitchen rugs, if you have any further questions feel free to contact our support team.

Floor protection:

 Adding rugs to your kitchen space will provide you sense of protection as they keep your floor free from roughness and wear. Kitchen rugs also help you keep your floor safe from greasy spills and sometimes even water which can greatly damage your wooden floors. So, in a nutshell, we can say that kitchen rugs are the source of the floor’s protection. 

Protection of utensils:

Kitchen rugs will become the source of the protection for your utensils. The sudden dropping down utensils will have a soft surface support thus making a bit safe for utensils. 

Comfortable for walking:

Walking on soft surfaces like the rugs is indeed better than walking on tiles or wooden space. If you have a large kitchen and you have to place the kitchen rugs on tile floor then surely you will feel comfortable while cooking. 

The AreaRugsWeaver.com customers provided us this feedback many times in their reviews that our rugs improve the comfortability of their kitchen.

Add beauty to the kitchen:

Normally, kitchens look boring but if you add a kitchen rug in your kitchen space then surely it will make your kitchen interesting. It add charm and color to the cooking environment.

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Some common types of kitchen rugs that our customers love:

Now, we will get straight to what type of rugs our customer bought in the past from us for their kitchens:

Large kitchen rugs:

If you have a large space for the kitchen then large kitchen rugs are best for you. It also gives attraction to those people who were sitting in front of the kitchen. The combination of light and dark colors will make your kitchen fascinated and if you have kids then surely they will love these rugs.

Oriental kitchen rugs:

Oriental rugs are the best because they did not require any color combination with walls. Many people love oriental rugs because they are easy to decorate with and can fit easily in any contrast.

Bright kitchen rugs:

Bright colored rugs are loved by almost everyone. If you have light white color cabinets then bright rugs will add beauty to your kitchen space. Bright colored rugs in the kitchen are becoming a trend nowadays. Bokhara rugs have bright colors with bold patterns and they are very common nowadays. A bright kitchen rug will provide a lavish look to your kitchen. 

Neutral kitchen rugs:

If you have  dark color in your kitchen then use neutral or light color kitchen rugs because it will lighten up your kitchen. The light and dark combination will provide a positive attraction. You should also use lights artwork on your kitchen wall to make the kitchen interesting. 

If you have a small space kitchen then use dark color because it will feel like you have entered in a big kitchen.

The rug below table:

If you have a dining table in your kitchen, then place a rug under the table. Rugs play an important role in making a large kitchen split into some parts. Place your rug under the table and make sure that your rug is large enough to cover the space of the dining table as well as the chairs. 

In our opinion, rugs under the dining table look awesome and it makes the kitchen look very cozy. 

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Small rug at the dishwashing area:

If you have a small kitchen, then the best place for the rug is in front of the dishwashing area. Make sure that the size of the rug is not so large and it just big enough for one person. The small rugs look perfect in the small kitchen. 

Runner rug between the wall and the island:

If you have a large kitchen, then place the rug between the wall and the island. This look is outstanding and makes your kitchen space attractive. This also makes your kitchen look even more larger. 

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