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Wool area rugs  are the oldest of all floor coverings. Wool is known for its fire resistance, dirt repellence, durability and wear tolerance. Wool rugs are very suitable for high traffic areas like entry way or main living room. These rugs can be great home decor gifts and can be passed on to generations. Area rugs weaver has the ability to work with some of the well known handmade wool rug manufacturers to custom build a rug of any shape, color, pattern or style per customer design requirements. Today wool rugs are made all around the world in countries like Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan & Turkey. The price of a wool rug mostly depends on the fineness and number of knots present. The colors used in hand knotted wool rugs are mostly extracted from plants and therefore these rugs are considered to be chemical free and safe.

NAD 239C2-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

NAD 239C2 Rug

Regular price $430.92
SUZ02 Teal-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

SUZ02 Teal Rug

Regular price $169.00
JL36 Green-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL36 Green Rug

Regular price $519.00
JL53 Brown-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL53 Brown Rug

Regular price $519.00
IH04 Black-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

IH04 Black Rug

Regular price $249.00
INU 67005-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

INU 67005 Rug

Regular price $430.92
Area Rugs Weaver | Rugs Sale | - INT05 Brown Rug

INT05 Brown Rug

Regular price $379.00
Area Rugs Weaver | Rugs Sale | - CLR 42111 Rug

CLR 42111 Rug

Regular price $499.00
ZAHRA 75504-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

ZAHRA 75504 Rug

Regular price $322.92
WIN 23101-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23101 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23108-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23108 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23110-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23110 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23107-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23107 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23102-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23102 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23105-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23105 Rug

Regular price $366.12
ZAHRA 75506-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

ZAHRA 75506 Rug

Regular price $322.92
WIN 23106-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23106 Rug

Regular price $366.12
WIN 23103-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

WIN 23103 Rug

Regular price $366.12
ZAHRA 75505-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

ZAHRA 75505 Rug

Regular price $322.92