Animal Print Rugs

Shop our popular selection of animal print rugs at huge discount prices. These rugs are beautiful and can bring the wild look into your home interior. Home owners today are using more animal rugs in their living rooms due to their unique appearance. Animal print rugs can go with many interior decor style. Today many interior designers are using Zebra print or Leopard print rugs in modern condos or villas to give an expensive look to the interiors. We as rug sellers used to think that animal print rugs will be only popular among animal lovers. However the feedback our customers provided made us realize that, it is not the case and these rugs are equally popular in home owners with vast lifestyle and decor choices.

Some popular Animal Print Rugs are Zebra Rugs, Leopard Rugs & Animal hide or Cow hide rugs. Zebra Rugs mostly have black and white stripes and can be used in interiors with black decor and white walls so it blends in or you can go very bold by placing it in a room that has red, white and yellow interiors, to make the rug center of attention. Leopard print rugs or cheetah print rugs are recommended to be used in living rooms with high traffic to cover the spots from spills. 

Animal hide rugs can come as one piece hide rug or sometimes you will see multiple small pieces combined into one rug. Michael Amini is a well known designer and some of his master rug pieces embodies hair on hide, distressed with a metallic finish. His hexagon tile rugs give off hip vibe with an urban splash that brings wow factor to any room decor. Variations in shades and pile direction are a common characteristic of his over-dyed natural skins. Check our MA100 series rugs for Michael Amini Designer Collection.

MA100 Cream-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Cream Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
MA100 Turquoise-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Turquoise Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
MA100 Orange-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Orange Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
MA100 Silver-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Silver Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
MA100 Blue-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Blue Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
MA100 Brown-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA100 Brown Rug

Regular price $2,189.00
SPL17 Black-Shag-Area Rugs Weaver

SPL17 Black Rug

Regular price $89.00
SPL17 Ivory-Shag-Area Rugs Weaver

SPL17 Ivory Rug

Regular price $89.00
SPL18 Beige-Shag-Area Rugs Weaver

SPL18 Beige Rug

Regular price $89.00
SPL17 Aqua-Shag-Area Rugs Weaver

SPL17 Aqua Rug

Regular price $89.00
MTA02 Red-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MTA02 Red Rug

Regular price $1,169.00
SKY06 Brown-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

SKY06 Brown Rug

Regular price $429.00
SKY05 Ivory-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

SKY05 Ivory Rug

Regular price $429.00
RI05 Brown-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

RI05 Brown Rug

Regular price $199.00
LK06 Beige-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

LK06 Beige Rug

Regular price $629.00
NEP04 Cream-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

NEP04 Cream Rug

Regular price $739.00
NEP04 Beige-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

NEP04 Beige Rug

Regular price $739.00
MA403 Beige-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MA403 Beige Rug

Regular price $1,059.00
MA509 Black-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MA509 Black Rug

Regular price $299.00
MA401 Black-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MA401 Black Rug

Regular price $1,059.00
MA401 Ash-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MA401 Ash Rug

Regular price $1,059.00
MA403 Aqua-Animal Print-Area Rugs Weaver

MA403 Aqua Rug

Regular price $1,059.00