Area Rugs

Area Rugs Weaver is Peoria Illinois based business and serves online customers only. Area Rugs Weaver carries huge selection of area rugs from some of the biggest rug manufacturers. We are authorized online retailers of Nourison, Oriental Weavers, Mohawk and Milliken area rugs. We also have the ability of custom rug design and weaving to match your residential or commercial project needs. We carry a rug for any decor style or budget limitations. Feel free to ask about specials and promotions that we run all year round, to make the rugs more affordable for genral public during our inventory clean up events.

DAR 4442N-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

DAR 4442N Rug

Regular price $85.32
SUZ02 Teal-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

SUZ02 Teal Rug

Regular price $169.00
STU06 Black-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

STU06 Black Rug

Regular price $169.00
STU04 Ivory-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

STU04 Ivory Rug

Regular price $139.00
ST04 Beige-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

ST04 Beige Rug

Regular price $89.00
PC002 Green-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

PC002 Green Rug

Regular price $99.00
NAD 239C2-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

NAD 239C2 Rug

Regular price $430.92
LOF 520N4-Shag-Area Rugs Weaver

LOF 520N4 Rug

Regular price $301.32
KNI 122K5-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

KNI 122K5 Rug

Regular price $366.12
JL36 Green-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL36 Green Rug

Regular price $519.00
JL53 Brown-Transitional-Area Rugs Weaver

JL53 Brown Rug

Regular price $519.00
IH04 Black-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

IH04 Black Rug

Regular price $249.00
ALL 054A1-Casual-Area Rugs Weaver

ALL 054A1 Rug

Regular price $312.12
BR21 Grey-Pad-Area Rugs Weaver

Rug Pad BR21 GreyRug Rug

Regular price $39.00
PC001 Cream-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

PC001 Cream Rug

Regular price $99.00
MSN01 Brown-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MSN01 Brown Rug

Regular price $418.00
MA604 Grey-Modern-Area Rugs Weaver

MA604 Grey Rug

Regular price $220.00
KHR 1330G-Contemporary-Area Rugs Weaver

KHR 1330G Rug

Regular price $258.12
KNI 711V5-Traditional-Area Rugs Weaver

KNI 711V5 Rug

Regular price $366.12